A Strange Happenstance

Life can really throw you a curve ball sometimes.

I do some contract work as a technical consultant for a flooring wholesaler, which sometimes sees me traveling to a problematic job to assess the installation procedures and evaluate the best way to resolve the matter.

I was asked yesterday, at late notice, to travel to an installation located on a cattle and dairy property located in a valley somewhere west of Gympie, a town located roughly two hours drive north of Brisbane.

Now, Highfields, the location for most of the story in Highfields Volume 1, is a cattle and dairy property located in a fictional valley somewhere west of Gympie.

When I wrote the story, I established the location for the property based on research into weather patterns, regional statistics, maps and satellite imagery; I never actually went to the area, due to time and circumstances forbidding such a trip.

Since then, I’ve never been because I figured it didn’t matter that much if the area turned out to be somewhat different to what I had imagineered, as the valley, town and it’s surroundings were all fictional, after all.

I imagined a beautiful and lush area, with a series of valleys with small creeks running through them, fat cattle grazing on tall green grass and hills with their flanks covered by open paddocks and dense forest.

When I parked at the property and got out of the car, I was greeted by this:

Mooloo 1

and this…

Mooloo 2

and this…

Mooloo 3

and this.

Mooloo 4

I believe I’m allowed a little smugness.

After the inspection was over, I was invited out onto the large back verandah for coffee and a snack.

Had I not had to retain my professional stance, I would have stayed there all day.

The owner told me that there are three or four valleys the same to the west and three to the east. The whole area is stunning in its beauty, and I had a long trip home as I slowed for every creek crossing, admiring the view up and downstream.

I cannot claim any special gift for geographical insight, but to only ever imagine somewhere, and then to travel there and find that, if anything, I hadn’t imagined it beautiful enough, was a special moment.

I felt I had to share it.

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and time with the family; drive safe and stay well.


2 thoughts on “A Strange Happenstance

  1. When I very occasionally head back to my old hometown, you get out on the highways and the houses get older and older and it seems the grass gets greener and more lush. Even the light changes, taking on golden hues. It’s almost like stepping back in time, back to my childhood days. I love the fact that in RL you still come across such spots of harmony and grace, where life seems content with itself, hushed and dreaming.

    The smugness is well deserved šŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas to you and family.


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